Monday, May 27, 2013

Getting Ready for SCBWI Conference

I'm very excited to attend the upcoming SCBWI Conference in Princeton in a few weeks. I've been busy getting ready. The big thing I've been working on are my promotional cards. I made two versions and found a great printer, Printingforless, (they made me feel completely at ease- fast turn around and economic rates). I made sure the size and the specifications of the card met with the Conference requirements and also, made sure they were standard postcard size so that I can send my extras out to agents and publishers.

And here's the world exclusive . . . drum roll . . . please . . .

Which one do you like best?

Also, I'm busy getting my business cards polished, brushing up my portfolio and creating an illustration for the Illustrator's ShowCase (the theme is "Down the Rabbit Hole"). And funny enough, Oliver Jeffers used this expression during a discussion at the NYPL a few weeks ago. So, I have great inspiration and a picture of me with him (which I refuse to publish).

More to come on the upcoming conference. A bientot!

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