Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Slight Curve

I've been working away at a mini comic, The Slight Curve, that is rather apropos for summer time. Generally, when I work this way, I start off with rough watercolor sketches.

Then I design the pages and make a key to figure out the size of my panels.

 I layout panel borders and sketch out the words and images in pencil.

Afterwards, I paint all the images.

Then I paint the words, the panels and finally I ink the outlines (see below for finished art).

Most cartoonists ink the outlines first. I find that this gives you a beautiful bold and classic look but I prefer to paint first. Especially in this story, where the light whimsical watercolors reflects the mood of the narrative.

Enjoy The Slight Curve and give me some feedback in the comments section. And, if you are interested in using or repurposing the story, please be in touch.

A bientot!