Monday, December 17, 2012

Tomie DePaola Award

I recently entered the 2013 Tomie DePaola Award Contest. The criteria was to pick an excerpt from either Little Women, Huckleberry Finn or The Yearling.

After I read Little Women, I did some preliminary sketches based on some scenes I liked. I focused on what I thought the character would look like.

But I didn't want to go for the obvious- Jo in her attic working away, the sisters gathered around sewing and chatting, etc... I wanted to capture a moment in the story that reflects deep emotional bonds between the characters, the sincere joy of the story and the charm of the era in which Little Women was written in. The Christmas party when Laurie and Amy fall in love I thought the perfectly seasonal moment.

After a little research on late 1800s costumes, I drew. I inked. I painted.

Here's my submission:

You can view the unofficial gallery of incredible entries from the contest here:

What a talented group. I wish we could all win. Bonne chance to everyone!


  1. You captured a romantic moment! <> :)

  2. Mais oui, it's Christmas time ... whether or it's 1868 or not, there is a sparkle somewhere!
    : )