Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Here I am

Recently, I made a list of all the times I moved in my life. I counted 24. Some of the moves were close in proximity while other moves were involved different languages, different cultures, etc...

So I always feel a certain kinship when I read about people who settle into a completely new environment. Here I am by Patti Kim is about an Asian boy adjusting to life in New York City. It's a wordless story beautifully crafted by Sonia Sanchez's expressive and lyrical drawings.

I love this story. It reminds me that no matter how different people are, we all must confront and embrace change. We are all just people, going about our day, trying to make life work. And the wonderful thing about moving is that we have the opportunity to start anew. I'd like to think that it allows us to become stronger, better versions of ourselves.

"What happens to us when we forget to be afraid? We loosen our firm grip on what belongs to us. We open our hands. We share." - Patti Kim

I encourage you to pick up Here I am. It's a beautiful story! A bientot.

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