Monday, May 21, 2012

Starlet Chorus Line Queens

I did a series of large abstract paintings in the fall 1995. Several months later, was opening night – wine, cheese, jazz and the paintings hovering over white walls like starlet chorus line queens at their first show. They looked great.  I remember after the exhibition was over, I sat in the corner of the room for a while and felt smitten. All the hard work and angst over these paintings had paid off.

In the summer of 1996, I rolled up the 5 by 7 feet paintings. Today I unearthed them for the first time. Sixteen years later, I can still hear that jazz beat, I smell that cheap wine, I sense the clatter of people's comments and me, much later, sitting on the floor looking up at my beauties.

I eventually want to do something with this collection. A piece of me wants to cut them up into little paintings and mount them on boards. Another part of me wants to trim the edges and frame them. For right now, I’ll let them simmer in my head as I produce more paintings . . .

Here I am, amongst them, really to show scale.

Here is the glorious group of beauties, "sunbathing" in the yard.

Here is a close up.

Here is an extreme close up.

Here is my foot next to an old foot print. Oh! I used to love those old shoes. They were my first pair of Simples.

A bientot.

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